Larson Distributing Co. was originally incorporated in 1922 as James-Nash Motor Co.  The original business was distributing of automobiles.

Otis Larson joined the company in 1927 and in January 1928 was elected president.  The name of the company was changed to Larson-Nash Motors.

The name was again changed in 1943 to the current name, Larson Distributing Co.  John L. Larson, Sr., (Jack), joined the business in 1946 and was elected secretary-treasurer in 1947.  Jack Larson worked together with his father Otis Larson until January  1959 when cancer took the life of his father.  Jack Larson was named president in 1959, after the death of his father, an office he held until March, 1990.

John L. Larson, Jr. began working in the warehouse, for summer employment, in 1977.  John joined the company full time, in sales, in 1978.  In 1983 he was elected to the Board of Directors and in 1985 elected as Corporate Secretary.  John served as Secretary until elected President in March of 1990.

The business has seen many changes in its history, making a break from the automobile distribution with the introduction of appliances in 1937.  The company sold both automobiles and appliances until 1942 when Nash discontinued the manufacturing of automobiles.  From 1943 to 1956 appliances were the only product line.  1956 brought another major change in the faces of the company when they took on their first lines of inlaid sheet flooring, wall tile and Formica laminate plastic.  1957 saw the introduction of the Barwick carpet line and from there the company became known as a flooring distributor.  Ten years later we introduced a private label carpet line, Prestige House.  There were numerous changes of product lines in the flooring division until 1978 when the Armstrong vinyl and tile line was introduced.  Another change came in 1997 with the exciting introduction of Mannington Mills added to our already strong flooring selections.

1979 brought an additional change when Barwick mills went out of business.  However, by that time we had several other carpet lines, including Prestige House and West Point Pepperell, as well as a commercial carpet line.

1983  brought the third sales division at Larson's -- carpet, laminate, and resilient flooring, as well as the addition of a hardwood flooring product.  Armstrong Carpet was added in 1985, and Stiles Ceramic Tile in 1990.

Several attempts were made to expand our distribution territory.  A distribution center was added in Utah in 1971 but discontinued in 1973.  We also opened a carpet distribution warehouse in Albuquerque in 1985 and closed it in 1986.  However, in 1987 we were awarded the New Mexico and El Paso, Texas territories for Armstrong sheet vinyl and tile as well as Formica for New Mexico.  We established as a subsidiary corporation, Larson Distributing Co./Southwest, Inc., to handle this territory.  The warehouse was opened at 4606 McLeod NE in Albuquerque with a small warehouse in El Paso, Texas.  1992 brought additional changes as the Southwest Corporation was eliminated and the New Mexico and Texas business was done through Larson Distributing Co.  The Texas operation was discontinued in 1993.

Larson  Distributing Co.'s main office has always been in Denver, Colorado.  The first 24 years of operation were in the area of 10th & Broadway and in 1946 a move was made to 550 Lincoln.  Another move to 400 Quivas in 1953 provided a home for the company until 1972 when we moved to our current address at 5925 North Broadway.